Director's Message

"Modern innovation is our core value."

We work proactively to advance our Company's success in the international market and to achieve our goals. We invest all our time, dedication, resources, and effort to turns our ideas into reality. We thrive very hard to become the first choice of all health care industry for their sterilization arrangements. We make sure our products are reliable and serve as a safety barrier of sterilization to humans.

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Vision Statement

"Modernization and Innovation in Sterilization Arrangements"

Our Mission

Mission Statement

  • To ensure the availability of all the types of sterilization arrangements for Surgical and Dental Instruments.
  • Making all the business processes transparent, traceable, and trackable throughout the supply chain for customers' convenience.
  • Providing a mutual platform for manufacturers, distributors, and health care professionals through integration in the business processes.
  • Ensuring the accessibility and affordability of high-quality Health Care Products.
  • Creating employment opportunities to eliminate poverty and dedication to economic development in society.
  • Contribution towards Eco-friendly settings by promoting and encouraging the Green Environment.

Who Are We ?

For over 25 years, Chaplet International (Private) Limited, a registered company with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), has built a sustained and enviable reputation for the manufacture of sterilization baskets and trays. Backed from the year 1823, Chaplet finds its routes to flourish when the respectable Chaudhary family established a manufacturing plant for producing hand tools and sheet fabrication. In 2004, the fifth generation of the Chaudhary family had laid the foundation of Chaplet International (Private) Limited. Since its establishment Company has worked tirelessly to expand its promoted range and now boasts the ability to provide customers with high-quality sterilization baskets. Our market coverage has also developed and now provides a sales operation covering the famous brands across continents, i.e., North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, UAE, and Africa.

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What We Do ?

Chaplet manufactures sterilization baskets and trays for handling the surgical instrument. Chaplet has distinguished itself as a significant leader in redefining high-quality sterilization baskets and trays and transportation for Dental, Endoscopic, Arthroscopic, and Surgical Instruments. Chaplet has become well known for our people's passion and partners in providing unsurpassed service levels to our customers worldwide. Chaplet also has a high-tech R & D department involved in developing customize sterilized baskets and trays to meet the CSSD and surgeon's requirements.

Core Values

Chaplet believes in supplying the world with the quality Sterilization Arrangements using the cutting-edge Technology. All Chaplet products are produced in an ISO13485 certified facility, conform to the most stringent standards set by the FDA, and are CE certified as well. Chaplet directors and personnel do collectively work as a family following the ethics of professionalism, responsibility and team work. Customer’s delight is constantly taken into consideration as a top priority because of trust that builds extensive customer relationships alongside execution of mutual beneficial commercial trades that is the only key to definitive triumph.

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